Interiors by Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus is an interior designer and TV personality, who runs the firm Nate Berkus Associates, based in Chicago but with projects all over the world. With a clearly eclectic style, we are impressed by the way he can successfully mix completely different pieces into one room and achieve a relaxed glam look on his designs.


Nate Berkus, diseñador de interiores y personalidad televisiva en Estados Unidos, es dueño de la firma Nate Berkus Associates en Chicago, con proyectos en todo el mundo. Con un estilo esencialmente ecléctico, nos impresiona la manera en que puede mezclar exitosamente piezas completamente distintas en un espacio y lograr un look glam relajado en sus diseños.

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[Warm] Winter

Siendo honestas, estamos acostumbradas a temperaturas de playa y a inviernos más bien cálidos, ya que hemos estado la mayor parte de nuestras vidas entre Miami y Santo Domingo. También tenemos la fortuna de haber vivido, aunque por breve tiempo, en ciudades con inviernos marcados  en donde puedes vivir y disfrutar de cada estación. En Madrid hace bastante frío estos días, por lo que para nosotras no hay mejor sensación que llegar a casa, preparar un café o chocolate caliente en tu taza favorita, sentarte en el salón con una mantita y sentirte en tu propio mundo acogedor y lleno de calidez. Aquí les dejamos algunas de nuestras piezas favoritas para calentar el hogar durante el invierno.

Estamos muy felices de participar en #Decopedia 1: Casas vestidas para el frío de Petite Candela con este post!


To be honest with you, we are more used to beach weather and rather warm winters, since we have lived most of our lives between Miami and Santo Domingo. We are very fortunate to have also lived in cities with ‘real winters’,  where you can enjoy the differences between each season. Madrid is quite cold these days, so to us there is no better feeling than to get home, pour yourself a cup of coffee or hot cocoa in your favorite mug, sit in your living room with a warm blanket, and just enjoy the feeling that you are in your very own cozy little world. Here are some of our favorites to make your home warm and cozy during winter time.

We are thrilled to participate in #Decopedia 1: ‘Homes dressed for cold weather’, by Petite Candela with this post!


casas invierno

[1]Daner Sectional/(Sofá Seccional Daner)-Jonathan Adler

[2]Deco Sofa-Autoban

[3]Enveloppe Sofa-Inga Sempé

[4]Fur blanket/(Manta Pelo Bicolor Animal)- Zara Home

[5]Rose Gold Ceramic Mug/(Taza de cerámica oro rosado)-Starbucks

[6]Mug!- Ckie

[7]Mr. and Mrs. Mugs/(Tazas Sr. y Sra.)-Jonathan Adler

[8]Pure Lana Cushion/(Cojín lana pura)- Amara

[9]Mason quilted gray pillow/ Cojín ‘albañil’acolchado gris – CB2


Image Source:

Image 1-Elizabeth Heier

Image 2-KB Home pinterest account

Wynwood Art District- Urban art in Miami

Hello everybody, happy new year! After a long break from blogging we are back. We’ve barely had any free time in our schedule these past few months since Darys has been crazy busy at work, and I was studying for a couple of exams towards getting my US architectural license. Everybody in the arch profession knows how these exams can be quite the grueling process. But guess what? PASS for both of them, so 4 down, only 3 more exams to go! I actually received the news for one of them via e-mail on Christmas day, and let me tell you, it was the best Christmas present a girl could get! We may have to take another quick break once the next test dates start approaching so we ask for a little bit of your patience while we get those monsters out of the way!

Since we spent Christmas and new year’s at Miami, we though it would be a good idea to share with everyone from out of town some images of our visit to the Wynwood Arts District. It’s amazing to see how much the city has evolved over the last couple of years. Definitely urban art at its finest. We just couldn’t get enough of the place!

Must visit places: Wynwood walls, Wynwood Kitchen and bar, Wood tavern, The Butcher Shop, Panther Coffee

DSC00502 DSC00507









DSC00496 DSC00537