Marcos’ Birthday Invitations

So our 6 year old nephew refused a trip to Disney World because he wanted to celebrate his birthday with his friends from school. What better way to let his friends (and their parents) know about his upcoming birthday than having his aunts design an invite with his favorite movie(thus far). Here are some images from his “Disney’s Cars 2”  inspired birthday invitation.

We’ll be adding more elements designed for the party very soon!


Nuestro sobrino de 6 años ha rechazado un viaje a Disney World porque quiere celebrar su cumpleaños con sus amigos del cole. ¿Qué mejor manera que dejarle saber a sus amigos (y a sus padres) sobre su cumpleaños próximo que hacer que sus tías le diseñen una invitación con los personajes de su peli favorita(hasta ahora)? Aquí algunas imágenes de su invitación de cumpleaños inspirada en “Disney’s Cars 2”

Estaremos agregando pronto otros elementos que diseñamos para la fiesta!

2 thoughts on “Marcos’ Birthday Invitations

  1. I still have a picture of Marco wearing Taekwondo uniform. What a nice aunt. I became an aunt too, Darys. I should be a good one like you guys. 😉

    • Congratulations on your new nephew/niece Unee! I’m sure you’ll be an amazing aunt. You’ll have as much fun as we’ve had doing these little things for ours. Please share some pictures of him/her! Lots of love!

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